Several years ago, someone once told me (through the friend of a friend of a friend) that Michael W. Smith said he liked my book The Truth Teller. I was thrilled.

Well, though that story may be hearsay, I liked Michael W. Smith’s movie. 🙂

The Second Chance seems very CBA centered–i.e., geared to a believing audience–but it has real heart and it made me tear up several times. A very realistic look at mega churches (shoot, I practically ATTEND the church featured in the movie) as compared to ministry-where-the-people are.

Smith did a good job in his role, but didn’t get to flex a lot of acting chops (I think that’s a mixed metaphor.) But the real thrill for me was seeing Lisa Anderson in the role of “Pastor Jake’s” wife. I recognized her voice immediately and her face in the next instant–she plays Peyton MacGruder in the short version of “The Note” and I hear she’s also been signed to star in the feature film . . . . which, Lord willing, should begin filming this fall. I really like her.

The only quibble I had with the film is that Ethan, Smith’s character, is engaged to be married to a saintly woman who never exhibits a single flaw. I don’t mind her perfection–what struck me as unlikely is the fact that a forty-something year old man is getting married for the first time? I know it happens, but it doesn’t happen often. I’d have given him a perfect wife and left it at that.

What? Of course there are perfect pastor’s wives! My husband has one.




  1. Suzanne

    my husband has one too! LOL

  2. gin-h

    Mine, too.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Angie,
    As a never-married, 50-something woman, I’m thrilled to think there might still be an available, never-married guy out there that looks like Michael W.!! Please don’t burst the bubble of all us still-singles out here!

  4. Connie

    Well I liked The Truth Teller even if Michael W. didn’t 🙂

    I liked The Novelist too, I just finished reading it a day or so ago. I’ll be thinking on that book for a while.


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