I set out to write two story lines: the allegory story of Adam in his fictional, surreal world, plus the story of the very wealthy, very successful novelist, Jordan Casey. Since Jordan was supposed to represent God, I gave him a nice house, a nice life, a comfortable existence. After all, he was representing God, so he needed to be at peace.

Adam, on the other hand, had to be shaped, created, reasoned through. I had to give him a language, an existence, a vocabulary. His world was not “earth,” so, because it was surreal, I had to come up with rules for his world (which is why I don’t write science fiction.)

I wrote everything, polished, polished again, and submitted the manuscript before the deadline date. Everything had gone smoothly.

Like the calm before a storm.

Tomorrow: the editing


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  1. KILROY_60

    I found you through The Sojourner’s Late Night Drive-Thru. I’ve looked at several of your posts. So far I’ve been nothing but more and more impressed as I went from one to another.

    I was concerned about starting to write comments fearing that you would have Fear and Loathing In The Blogosphere littered here and there.

    I would welcome a visit and appreciate any comments you might have to share. I posted some questions in a recent post, perhpas you would be so kind to answer.

    I’m not sure my little corner of the blogosphere is in the same league, but if you were open to consider it, I would welcome a link exchange.


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