I need to get moving today, but I couldn’t help sharing some pictures from Glen Eyrie. The first picture is the Pink House, where Nancy and I stayed. The second house is the castle, where many of the conferees stayed and where we held our meetings. The third house is room number four, where Nancy slept in an antique canopy bed.

Glen Eyrie is not only beautiful in its natural and man-made appointments, but it is truly blessed. The people who work and volunteer there bathe the place in prayer and their care of their guests is truly extraordinary and kind. If you have a chance to visit one of their conferences, I highly recommend it!

I have to speak in two schools near Atlanta today, so I’d better get moving. Have a blessed day!



  1. Deborah Raney

    My extended family had a week-long reunion at Glen Eyrie a few years ago and it was incredible! Your photos brought back happy memories of that time. It is a fabulous facility and we, too, experienced the graciousness and prayerfulness of the entire staff. We’d love to go back some year!

  2. Anonymous

    I went to an all day meeting at Glen Eyrie last year. We were also in the pink house. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Also, I saw THE NOVELIST in Sam’s club this week. Congratulations.


  3. Judy G

    Glen Eyrie is my favorite place! I’ve stayed in the castle (including the room General Palmer designed for his granddaughter), but never in the pink house.

    Your photos make me homesick!



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