So . . . I’ve been on the road all week, traveling to a different school every day, taking questions from dozens of elementary kids, and teaching writing workshops. It’s been great, but I’m really beginning to miss my family and my routine. I’m heading home tomorrow, where I have to begin work on a new WIP called THE ELEVATOR—yep, about three women stuck in an elevator.

An hour ago, to refresh my wilting spirit, the Lord sends me just what I need. I walk into a Lakeland hotel, check in, and find two men working . . . on the elevator. Yep. So I put my suitcase in my room, grab my notepad, and hustle down to quiz them on all things elevator. They’re so nice they take me up and let me look down onto the top of the elevator, show me the escape hatch, find all my plot holes . . . and tell me how to fix them.

I ask for their names so I can thank them in the acknowledgements . . . they demur, saying that a mention of the “two handsome gentlemen” will be enough. 🙂

God is good. And his timing is perfect.



  1. BJ

    Hmm. Two handsome gentlemen and noted Christian author Angela Hunt doing research in an elevator ….

    Why do I think there’s a story (or at least a good headline) here?



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