Man! These days I’ve taken to wearing glasses while I work, especially in the first draft stage because I need to look at my notes and I’m forever looking up historical details (thank heaven for Ask Sam!). Anyway, the glasses start to bother me, so I take them off, so then I can read the computer but not my notecards. Glasses back on.

By the time I had finished my word quota last night (now it’s a grand 6,000 words per day), I had a headache. By the time I piled into bed at 10 p.m., it was a rip-roaring nightmare. Thankfully, my head was once again serene and normal (whatever that is) when I woke this morning.

How’s the WIP coming? 26,200 very messy first-draft words, right on schedule. My skeleton of a plot outline is filling in, but now there are TWO skeletons, and if not for my notecards it would be a royal mess.

All right–two o’clock (getting a late start today) and 6,000 words before I sleep. Time to get typin’ . . .

P.S. Some urgent prayer requests in my email today. Friends, I am praying.

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  1. Kelli Standish

    One of my favorite things about your blog (besides your great insight) is your pictures!

    Call me simplistic, but sometimes the graphic designer in me loves stories told with pictures as much as stories told with words.

    If you’d like a true belly laugh or two, check out The subtitles are sometimes a little risque, but oh the photos! They are hilarious!!

    Cheering you on as always,


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